IKODB creates sophisticated connected and embedded devices for diverse markets by blending world-class software development services, engineering expertise and intuitive user experience design. We provide expert software development, UX design and related product development services across many high-performance industries from oil to manufacturing, including FLTK, C++, Boost, OpenCV... on MINIX, LINUX or Windows Working with OEM's and high-volume users, our technology provides cost-effective, powerful, and flexible solutions for motion automation, with an emphasis on affordable but highly innovative software solution for CNC plasma cutting machines In certain instances we tailor the product to fit our client's specific needs. If you're an OEM searching for a CAD/CAM for CNC plasma machines, and are seeking a relationship with a trusted supplier, please feel free to let us know if there’s something that we can do for you. IKOCADCAM is a free to use. Only automatic nesting module is a paid feature!

IKOCADCAM is the easiest solution for generating G-code files for CNC Plasma Cutting.

  • Powerful CAD with intuitive, and comprehensive drawing tools
  • Automated CAM with true-shape nesting and smart placement of lead-ins and lead-outs
  • Import DXF and SVG design files
  • Rotate, scale, and nesting functions. Nesting in just 2 steps
  • Control of lead ins, lead out, and start points
  • Saving cutting parameters based on material thickness and plasma unit
  • Convert any bitmap image or photo into a toolpath. Imports a silhouette image to instantly create a toolpath.
  • Kerf width (Offset). Draw your part the size you want and let IKOCADCAM calculate real path.
  • Automatic cut ordering to ensure that inside contours are cut before outside contours.
  • DXF export for sharing drawings with other CAD programs
  • Customizable Post Processors

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